Retirement Apartments in Folsom, CA

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About Retirement Apartments

A retirement Apartment, simply explained, is any privately owned facility designed to accommodate individuals in their senior years. Its intended for those wishing to maintain their lifestyles while also experiencing on-site support and care.

Individuals should note that retirement homes, also known as assisted living facilities, are not the same as nursing homes. These institutions cater to those in need of prolonged medical attention, and their focus shifts from enabling independence to promoting healing.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are master-planned facilities. They allow individuals to live in private condos, apartments, townhouses, or stand-alone structures, promoting independence while also delivering a more active social scene. Theyre often defined by both age restrictions (55+, 65+, etc.) and income restrictions ( for example, these facilities are privately funded and require higher monthly fees. Subsidizations are rare but can be applied for).